Connecting Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals play a vital role in critical access hospitals, rural health clinics, and the communities they serve. ICAHN can effectively support healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, and rural healthcare facilities through its unique recruitment program.

ICAHN Rural Recruitment is a unique recruitment program offered by the Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network. The program's mission is to improve and enhance access to healthcare in rural Illinois through addressing the healthcare workforce needs of Illinois' rural communities. 

Healthcare providers and other healthcare professionals

Whether you are looking for a community close to an urban area or a rural community in Illinois, the ICAHN Rural Recruitment program has the unique capability to connect you with a community who's unique character fits your personal and professional needs.

Provider Benefit

  • Free access to job postings, referrals to organizations, and support through your process
  • Non-profit, locally based, no pressure recruitment assistance and job opportunities
  • Rural Illinois recruitment focus
  • Practice opportunities in all regions of the state of Illinois
  • Contact with one recruiter employed by the non-profit ICAHN network
  • Knowledge of Illinois financial assistance/loan repayment programs and J-1 Visa programs
  • Direct connection and partnership with the Illinois Department of Health Center for Rural Health
  • Recruiter with local knowledge of Illinois communities 

Featured Community Profiles

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