Clinician and Group (CG) CAHPS

The Clinician and Group Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CG CAHPS) survey is a standardized tool to measure patients’ perceptions of care provided by physicians in an office setting. This survey is considered a ‘sister’ to the well-known HCAHPS hospital survey. 

We are encouraging medical practices to begin preparing for baseline data to measure quality of patient experience in the physician practice setting. Data uploading to the AHRQ database will occur yearly during the first quarter.  

The CG CAHPS Family

Survey Adult Version Child Version
Office Visit Survey (every 3 months) 37 questions 58 questions
12-month (one time/12 months) 34 questions 55 questions
6-month (one time/6 months) Same as 12-month Same as 12-month
PCMH Survey 52 questions 66 questions

Domains of CG CAHPS (example for Adult, 12-month visit)

  • Timely Appointments, Care, and Information
    Consists of 5 questions around all the above
  • Physician or Provider Communication
    Consists of 6 questions around explanations, listening, providing information and time spent with patient
  • Helpful, Courteous, and Respectful Office Staff
    Consists of 2 questions around the above topic
  • Overall Rating
    Consists of 1 question around Overall Rating of Care of Provider
  • Follow-up on Test Results
    Consists of 1 question around follow-up for results of tests or procedures

The Child Survey includes the same first four measures, with the option to add the 5th measure on follow-up tests plus two additional measures listed below:

  • Provider's Attention to Child's Growth and Development
    Consists of 6 questions around all the above
  • Provider's Advice on Keeping Your Child Safe and Healthy
    Consists of 5 questions around the above

ICAHN Survey Services

ICAHN will offer first and second follow-up mailings per patient up to 20 patients/month/provider up to three providers/survey contract. The goal is to achieve a total of 45 surveys/provider/year and we believe offering the survey 240 times/year will achieve this goal. De-duplication in the past year (or depending on survey service selected) will be provided to avoid repeat surveys. Additional supplemental questions are available upon request.